About Us

Who is Stella Hill?

Many people visit Stella’s on the Hill every year during our summer Happy Hour season. We are often asked about Stella. Who she was? Where the name came from? Is she still here? We hope to answer some of these questions and more for you.

Stella was born in 1855 into a centuries old familial line of Bavarian Beer Haus entrepreneurs that survived European love affairs and border wars. Stella and her family arrived in CDA in 1908 having traveled across the United States through Wisconsin and New Orleans, LA.

Stella was no stranger to affairs of the heart. Her beauty weaved men of industry, bankers, politicians, pirates, and bootleggers. Her business affairs were advised by influential Civil War blockade runners and Creole Priestesses. The advice and foresight she received was to head North where the land use was free of Politicos. Quite simply, Stella was born to bootleg!

Since 1939 Stella has resided in Forest Cemetery in CDA. She does make occasional appearances at the venue that bears her name. She remains onsite to ensure all operations at Stella’s on the Hill remain as she feels they should be. Oftentimes, she will make her presence felt to visitor, guest or staff member through a touch, command, or warning. Just as she was in life Stella is always watching and ready to have a good time.